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  1. 27 March 2024 - Science Matters

    Chocolate that brings joy to your gut health and your tastebuds

    As well as a mood-boosting treat this Easter, chocolate can be good for us, and University of Melbourne researchers are working to make it better for gut health

  2. 20 March 2024 - Design

    Is this the world’s coolest street? Or is the system rigged?

    Melbourne, Australia has topped another global ranking, but, a University of Melbourne expert asks, what does it mean to be officially ‘cool’ and who decides?

  3. 19 March 2024 - Health & Medicine

    What you need to know about new treatments for children with peanut allergies

    Three in 100 Aussie kids have a peanut allergy. New University of Melbourne research is investigating the benefits of new treatments and their value for money.

  4. 1 March 2024 - Science Matters

    From ‘honey laundering’ to fake free-range: food fraud costs billions

    Deception in our food chains is on the rise and often hard to detect. But there are some things consumers can look for, says a University of Melbourne expert.

  5. 23 February 2024 - Humanities

    Lunar New Year is all about food, family, food, peacebuilding and food

    Lunar New Year brings people together, but it’s the food that connects them, says University of Melbourne expert

  6. 19 December 2023 - Politics & Society

    Have yourself a very thrifty Christmas

    University of Melbourne experts share their advice for a sustainable and thrifty Christmas, with many Australians planning to spend less this festive season.

  7. 21 September 2023 - Science Matters

    You can’t explore the solar system on an empty stomach

    Australian research could provide vital fresh, nutritious and delicious meals for astronauts on Moon and Mars missions, says University of Melbourne expert.

  8. 5 June 2023 - Science Matters

    Everyone has a part to play in food safety

    The WHO's World Food Safety Day reminds us we can all help prevent illness from food-borne disease with simple steps, says a University of Melbourne expert

  9. 25 May 2023 - Science Matters

    Postbiotics: the new kid in the gut health family

    In addition to prebiotics and probiotics, the newest factors for gut health are known as ‘postbiotics’; a University of Melbourne expert explains what they are

  10. 20 April 2023 - Science Matters

    Switching meat and milk for plant-based copies misses vital nutrients

    University of Melbourne computer modelling shows that swapping meat and milk for plant-based alternatives isn’t a simple switch when it comes to our health.