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  1. 20 February 2024 - Science Matters

    Reptiles are helping us better understand threats to Australia’s biodiversity

    A University of Melbourne study shows Australian reptiles change their preference for burnt habitat depending on whether they live near native forest or pasture

  2. 3 July 2023 - Science Matters

    The great tree census of 2023

    Australia has joined the Forest Global Earth Observatory after University of Melbourne researchers spent 15 months measuring 51,324 trees across 16 hectares.

  3. 30 November 2022 - Science Matters

    More fires as our air gets thirstier

    We face an increased forest fire risk –for at least an extra 30 days per year– without urgent climate action finds new University of Melbourne-led research

  4. 10 March 2021 - Science Matters

    Fossil forests under Antarctic ice

    Recently described fossils are the most diverse yet of forests that grew in Antarctica 56 million years ago, finds new study including University of Melbourne

  5. 30 January 2020 - Science Matters

    Why Australia’s severe bushfires may be bad news for tree regeneration

    Australia’s trees have evolved with fire, most needing it for renewal, but now our forests have had too much severe fire, say University of Melbourne experts.

  6. 7 August 2019 - Science Matters

    Planting trees is no substitute for natural forests

    University of Melbourne research finds allowing degraded natural forests to re-grow is a more effective than planting new trees for storing atmospheric carbon.

  7. 2 July 2018 - Science Matters

    All the forests in the world from a single layer of cells

    University of Melbourne researchers have discovered how wood-making cells inside trees work, settling a century-old debate about how plants make bark and wood

  8. 2 October 2017 - Science Matters

    Written in King Billy’s tree rings: 1700 years of climate history

    University of Melbourne researchers have published a 1700 year tree ring chronology from King Billy pines in Tasmania, offering insights into climate history.

  9. 28 January 2016 - Science Matters

    Seeds of hope lie in forests

    The Paris Agreement recognises that forests are crucial to tackling emissions, but to save our trees we must tackle poverty, forestry expert Rod Keenan writes.

  10. 24 September 2015 - Science Matters

    How a numbers man and a botanist are helping business go green

    They make an unlikely pair - but these University of Melbourne experts could hold the key to helping companies reduce their impact on the environment.