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  1. Podcast22 June 2017 - The Policy Shop

    To quota or not to quota

    The University of Melbourne's Policy Shop considers whether quotas or 'targets with teeth' will address the lack of women in Australian business and politics.

  2. 26 April 2017 - Learning & Teaching

    Minding the gap for boys and girls at school

    Aptitude isn't gendered, so how do we address the school performance gaps between girls and boys? University of Melbourne researchers delve into the causes.

  3. Podcast17 March 2017 - The Policy Shop

    Family violence: Ending the hidden crime

    Family violence has many causes, including societal attitudes towards women and many possible solutions, including attitudinal change programs and legal reform.

  4. 27 January 2017 - Humanities

    Unpicking the myth of Testosterone Rex

    Testosterone is what makes men different to women, right? Not so, says Cordelia Fine in her latest book, which uses science to break down gender myths.

  5. 7 November 2016 - Learning & Teaching

    Resilience, rights and respectful relationships

    A new school program which promotes respectful relationships is equipping young people with the skills needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.

  6. 26 August 2016 - Go Figure

    Are there more bald men than women?

    Why do men go bald and women don’t? The answer? Women do go bald but are better able to camouflage it. Men are prone to bald patches but women’s hair thins.

  7. 19 August 2016 - Health & Wellbeing

    The Sexism Games

    The Olympic ideal is about a competition of equals, but no one told the media at the Rio Games, for whom gender makes some athletes more equal than others.

  8. 27 May 2016 - Learning & Teaching

    How gender shapes our Facebook chats

    Gender shapes our conversations on social media, a collaborative, worldwide study by psychologists and computer scientists shows.

  9. 13 May 2016 - Humanities

    The politics of high heels

    High heels have been part of high fashion since the Renaissance, sparking debates about gender, identity and femininity.

  10. 12 May 2016 - Inside Business

    Toys for girls and boys show gender stereotypes at play

    Gender stereotypes are at play in the way toys are marketed to boys, girls and their parents – and the implications could extend beyond the home.