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  1. Podcast11 August 2017 - Up Close

    Phantom democracies

    Political thinker John Keane on the rise of corrupt political regimes that employ democratic rhetoric, social media and economic growth to win over the public.

  2. 23 April 2017 - Inside Business

    Accounting the Cost of War

    In WW2, Australia began manufacturing munitions, and a team of accountants from the University of Melbourne was called in by the government to stop profiteering

  3. 19 April 2017 - Public Affairs

    Australia’s Foreign Policy for dangerous times

    As Australia prepares its first Foreign Policy White Paper in more than a decade, the University of Melbourne looks at the need to strengthen ties with Asia.

  4. Podcast30 November 2016 - The Policy Shop

    Have you been nudged today?

    Nudge Theory draws on human behaviour to create subtle policy 'nudges' that encourage people to make good or healthier choices. The Policy Shop investigates.

  5. 22 September 2016 - Learning & Teaching

    Private VET providers corner share of booming market

    Private Vocational and Education Training (VET) providers are often ill-equipped to respond to the needs of young early school leavers, new research shows.

  6. 16 June 2016 - Public Affairs

    Government: When enough is enough

    How much government is too much? The size of government in Australia is no bigger than average but some fear the nanny state is taking over.

  7. 11 November 2015 - Inside Business

    Watch the video: The verdict on ESOC 2015

    Watch the video: The key takeouts for three University of Melbourne academics from the Economic and Social Outlook Conference 2015.

  8. 9 November 2015 - Public Affairs

    Governments have lost the art of involving the people

    South Australia is developing a new range of tools that involve people in making public decisions.

  9. 30 October 2015 - Inside Business

    ESOC 2015: Replay our blog

    Live updates from the 2015 Economic and Social Outlook Conference

  10. 21 August 2015 - Public Affairs

    First recipient of new Master’s degree

    Meet the First Graduate of the Melbourne School of Government’s Master of Public Administration.