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  1. 13 April 2016 - Music, Arts & Screen

    We are the Australians, we have the power

    Bruce Pascoe, Australian author, delivers the 2016 Lin Onus oration at the University of Melbourne, on the real and present value of Indigenous culture and art.

  2. 5 April 2016 - Humanities

    The Irish Rising that shaped Australia

    The Easter Uprising was a pivotal moment in Irish history, but it also unleashed a new, Catholic political force on the other side of the world, in Australia.

  3. 8 March 2016 - Science Matters

    A long climatic affair

    New research by the University of Melbourne has traced the human impact on record-breaking hot temperatures as far back as the 1930s.

  4. 18 November 2015 - Under the Microscope

    Growing up Greek in Australia

    Joy Damousi, the child of Greek immigrants and one of Australia's most celebrated historians, recalls a vibrant childhood growing up in inner city Melbourne.

  5. Podcast23 October 2015 - Up Close

    From Proletariat to Precariat: Navigating uncertainty in a globalised economy

    Labour historian Professor Leon Fink on the rise of the Precariat - people in a permanent state of intermittent or underemployment.

  6. 28 September 2015 - Music, Arts & Screen

    Music fit for an Empress: Catherine the Great’s playlist

    Music played an important role in the court of Catherine the Great - but what would have been on the 18th century equivalent of her iPod?

  7. 18 August 2015 - Humanities

    The professor who came in from the cold

    For most, the former Soviet Union is mysterious, threatening. For Professor Stephen Wheatcroft it is a fascinating source of academic discovery to be shared

  8. 17 August 2015 - Humanities

    Behind the gossip, a commanding ruler

    She is surrounded by myth and intrigue, but over time this Empress of Russia has come to be regarded as one of history's most formidable female leaders.

  9. 12 August 2015 - Humanities

    Behind this cover lies a world treasure

    Why this centuries-old prayer book is a piece art that shows breathtaking beauty and exceptional craftmanship.