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  1. 18 December 2023 - Health & Wellbeing

    Overcoming our psychological barriers to embracing AI

    The best ways of addressing barriers to adopting AI and the risks and benefits involved are highlighted in a new study involving the University of Melbourne.

  2. 13 March 2022 - Inside Business

    Every Sherlock needs a Watson (or two)

    A University of Melbourne expert says creatives often need colleagues to be catalysts, but how can organisations identify and foster these catalysts?

  3. 30 July 2019 - Inside Business

    Can your personality be good, or bad, for your health?

    The University of Melbourne's HILDA Survey 2019 finds links between personality traits and the onset of illness, but experts say it's likely an indirect effect

  4. 30 August 2017 - Humanities

    5 modern philosophical dilemmas

    As a new ABC TV series explores ethics - the show's presenter and University of Melbourne academic looks at how philosophy can help in very modern dilemmas.

  5. 18 October 2016 - Science Matters

    Clock on: When weather gets into a routine

    New research has identified a weekly cycle in city temperatures around Australia, highlighting the impact of human behaviour on our cities.

  6. 26 May 2016 - Inside Business

    Taking the risk out of decision-making

    How we assess risk is influenced by how others are behaving, so the trick is to keep your head while those around you are losing their heads.

  7. 2 May 2016 - Go Figure

    Why boys are blue and girls are pink

    Ever wondered why pink represents girls and boys generally identify with the colour blue? Centuries ago it was a very different story.

  8. 28 April 2016 - Animals, Food & You

    Breaking: Pigs like cuddles too

    Pigs produce more oxytocin or 'love hormone' after positive interaction with a human, suggesting they feel emotions just like we do, a world-first study shows.

  9. 15 January 2016 - Go Figure

    Now we know: Why we stand in queues

    Queueing is an everyday social norm, governed by unspoken rules promoting efficiency and equality – and why queue jumpers make us really angry.

  10. 7 October 2015 - Inside Business

    Bubbly personality: how our biology hits budgets

    New research is taking the human element of financial decision-making into consideration, by combining economics with psychology and neuroscience.