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  1. Podcast8 January 2020 - Health & Wellbeing

    Being bold in medical research

    Professor Fabienne Mackay’s work led to the first new treatment for lupus in over 50 years but there is much more to do and she says researchers need to be bold

  2. 26 May 2019 - Health & Wellbeing

    Engineering cancer defence for the brain

    Brain cancer kills more Australian children than other cancers; University of Melbourne research finds genetically engineered killer T-cells could change that.

  3. 5 August 2018 - Health & Wellbeing

    The cells giving our immune system more punch

    Scientists are racing to work out how to harness infection-fighting T cells to fight diseases like cancer, including researchers at the University of Melbourne.

  4. 27 June 2018 - Under the Microscope

    Tapping into the power of unusual white blood cells

    A University of Melbourne and Peter Doherty Institute researcher is probing unusual T cells in the immune system to find new ways of combating diseases

  5. 12 April 2018 - Science Matters

    The mind behind prize winning science

    Professor Jacques Miller from WEHI and the University of Melbourne has been recognised with a prestigious Japan Prize for his pioneering immunology research.

  6. 30 September 2016 - Health & Wellbeing

    Peter Doherty, 20 years after the Nobel Prize

    Professor Peter Doherty shared medicine's Nobel Prize 20 years ago for his work fighting cancer. Today, this unconventional immunologist is still making waves.

  7. 16 June 2016 - Health & Wellbeing

    The immune legions fighting Legionnaires’ disease

    Researchers solve immunity puzzle in lung tissue and reveal previously unknown ‘immune cell circuitry’ as secret weapon in front line defence against Legionella

  8. 9 May 2016 - Under the Microscope

    From life in the zoo to breakthroughs in the lab

    Professor Fabienne Mackay’s passion to make a difference drove a breakthrough in the treatment of lupus