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  1. 30 September 2021 - Science Matters

    Whale migration in our noisy oceans

    University of Melbourne mathematical modelling finds the noise we make in our oceans is affecting marine life, particularly whales, confusing their migrations.

  2. 11 March 2021 - Science Matters

    The ‘Russian dolls’ of coral reefs

    New University of Melbourne research has discovered bacteria inside the algae that live inside corals, which helps to shed new light on reef-building corals.

  3. 16 February 2018 - Science Matters

    Protecting our coasts naturally

    University of Melbourne scientists are trialling nature-based coastal defence systems (mussel reefs and mangrove forests) in Port Phillip Bay.

  4. 26 July 2017 - Humanities

    Protest and democracy in Asia

    Western-style protests in Asia like those on the Japanese island Okinawa are an example of growing civil society dynamism, says a University of Melbourne expert

  5. 7 May 2017 - Music, Arts & Screen

    Jellyfish: Where art meets science

    Artist Penelope Davis brings together art and University of Melbourne's scientific expertise in her exhibition, Sea-change - a commentary on climate change.

  6. 10 December 2015 - Science Matters

    Three ways to save stressed-out coral

    Manipulating mutant cells and bacteria, marine scientists are working on ways to make coral more resistant to the damaging effects of climate change.

  7. 20 October 2015 - Science Matters

    From Killer Whales to underworld killers, the evolution of a documentary filmmaker

    Klaus Toft, producer of the Four Corners and Fairfax 7-Eleven investigation talks filmmaking, marine biology and the Jacques Cousteau lifestyle

  8. 13 October 2015 - Under the Microscope

    Helping corals survive a rapidly changing world

    Coral reefs are in trouble and we are the problem. Professor Madeleine van Oppen thinks we could also be part of the solution.