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  1. Podcast15 December 2017 - Up Close

    Dynamics of Scandal: On facilitating, denying and covering up institutional child sex abuse

    Sociologist Prof Chris Greer explores the often murky agendas of organisations, media, and individuals in the facilitation, denial and cover-up of sexual abuse.

  2. 13 December 2017 - Engineering & Technology

    How to find the truth on Twitter

    A University of Melbourne team has developed a way of assessing how likely it is that a tweet is a genuine witness account, or a piece of 'fake news'.

  3. Podcast11 August 2017 - Up Close

    Phantom democracies

    Political thinker John Keane on the rise of corrupt political regimes that employ democratic rhetoric, social media and economic growth to win over the public.

  4. 22 August 2016 - Public Affairs

    Trump: The new normal

    Win or lose, Donald Trump isn't the end but the beginning of something where traditional paths of politics no longer matter and the media has to catch up.

  5. 15 August 2016 - Humanities

    The story behind every picture

    A new book on the history of Australian press photography shows the value of knowing why and how a photograph was taken in the first place.

  6. 12 April 2016 - Public Affairs

    Shock of new media shakes policy landscape

    Technology has given consumers access to an unprecedented amount of news and information, but sustaining quality remains the challenge for media companies.

  7. 31 August 2015 - Public Affairs

    Fear and insecurity are killing public debate

    On both sides of parliament, populism now seems to trump vision or ideology. It's time for Australians to hold our government accountable.