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  1. 30 November 2023 - Legal Affairs

    COP28 is a global stocktake of climate change

    This year’s UN climate change conference (COP28) could disappoint or deliver meaningful actions, say University of Melbourne experts.

  2. 30 November 2023 - Legal Affairs

    On the ground and hoping ambition triumphs at COP28

    University of Melbourne's Professor Jacqueline Peel is in Dubai for COP28 and hoping for positive progress towards achieving the Paris Agreement

  3. 20 November 2023 - Public Affairs

    The impasse between Israel and Hamas

    It’s hard to see a way out of the conflict between Israel and Hamas that has seen thousands of civilians lose their lives, says University of Melbourne expert.

  4. 10 October 2023 - Public Affairs

    Q&A: Israel, Hamas and the future of the Middle east

    Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel marks a dramatic escalation in the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict says a University of Melbourne expert.

  5. 15 November 2015 - Public Affairs

    Don’t rush in, think about the bigger picture

    A robust military response to the Paris attacks must be rejected for a broader solution to the refugee crisis across the Middle East.

  6. 14 October 2015 - Public Affairs

    How Putin’s bombers are raising the stakes

    Vladimir Putin has dramatically raised the stakes across the Middle East by launching his jets on IS targets in Syria, says University of Melbourne expert

  7. 8 October 2015 - Public Affairs

    Is Australia strong enough to protect?

    The Greens and civil society orgs launched a campaign to accept 20,000 refugees from Syria. Is Australia ready to change course on migration?