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  1. 12 January 2023 - Science Matters

    Exploring the air we breathe

    University of Melbourne researchers are probing the microscopic particles in Melbourne's air to understand how allergens in our environment affect our health.

  2. 11 August 2022 - Under the Microscope

    The palaeontology field keeps you on your toes

    University of Melbourne palaeontologist Dr Vera Korasidis is fresh from a dig in Wyoming’s Badlands, which has a unique rock record, unearthing pollen fossils

  3. 6 May 2022 - Science Matters

    What ancient pollen tells us about future climate change

    Pollen preserved for more than 56 million years reconstructs a major climate transition that caused mass plant migration finds University of Melbourne research.

  4. 28 January 2022 - Science Matters

    Melbourne’s pollen riddle

    Melbournians know well how grass pollen triggers hay fever and asthma, but University of Melbourne scientists find ‘other’ pollen can be more abundant in air

  5. 1 October 2021 - Science Matters

    Severity of Melbourne’s grass pollen season hanging on rain

    An average looking Melbourne pollen season could yet be made heavier by late spring rain, University of Melbourne experts warn hay fever and asthma sufferers.

  6. 3 September 2017 - Science Matters

    Thunderstorm asthma: Counting pollen to save lives

    With the 2016 thunderstorm asthma event still fresh in our memories, the University of Melbourne provides data to help hay fever sufferers manage their symptoms

  7. 16 December 2015 - Under the Microscope

    The sticky business of pollen counting

    The team behind the Melbourne Pollen Count is based at the University of Melbourne's School of BioSciences