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  1. 25 February 2022 - Humanities

    How popular culture helps with the business of death

    The opening of ‘Fun Home’ in Melbourne is part of a broader popular embrace of issues around how we deal with death, says University of Melbourne expert

  2. 14 November 2019 - Design

    Reframing the ‘Australian Ugliness’

    Robin Boyd was known for his scathing assessment of Australian popular architecture, but did he eventually change his mind asks a University of Melbourne expert

  3. 17 May 2019 - Public Affairs

    Get with the (political) programming

    If real-life politics is getting you down, University of Melbourne experts recommend fictional political TV power players to inspire your interest instead.

  4. 24 August 2018 - Health & Wellbeing

    Nanette, self-deprecation and when not to use it

    Hannah Gadsby's Nanette highlights why Australians' tendency to self-deprecate needs to be handled with caution, says a University of Melbourne psychologist.

  5. 28 May 2017 - Music, Arts & Screen

    The myth and magic of Sgt Pepper

    As the Beatles' most celebrated album, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club band, turns 50, Mark Pollard from the University of Melbourne discusses its many myths.

  6. 10 July 2016 - Humanities

    Seven Shakespeare movies you cannot miss

    Seven film adaptations of Shakespeare's plays that stand out because they are both entertaining and deepen our understanding of the Bard's works.

  7. 15 June 2016 - Public Affairs

    The TV shows all political junkies should watch

    The Top 10 political shows on television, as voted by University of Melbourne political junkies, to get you through the Australian election campaign.

  8. 16 May 2016 - Humanities

    Eurovision skyrockets into orbit with Timberlake

    Eurovision's knack for capturing the zeitgeist is paying off amid Swedish savviness and now raw US star power that is taking it into the global mainstream

  9. 2 May 2016 - Go Figure

    Why boys are blue and girls are pink

    Ever wondered why pink represents girls and boys generally identify with the colour blue? Centuries ago it was a very different story.

  10. 11 February 2016 - Humanities

    How neckbeards have become a screen stereotype

    Film and TV's portrayal of neckbeards gives an insight into some of our fears about the Internet centred on addiction, social isolation and humans going soft.