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Quantum Physics

  1. 3 March 2022 - Science Matters

    Observing time crystals

    Secrets of time crystals, unique configurations of particles perpetually switching, can now be explored by quantum computers says University of Melbourne expert

  2. 16 November 2021 - Science Matters

    Looking inside a pigeon’s ear using quantum technology

    Quantum microscopy can study biological cells containing tiny magnetic structures, including those within a pigeon’s ear, shows University of Melbourne research

  3. 16 March 2020 - Science Matters

    Machine learning to scale up the quantum computer

    Machine learning could help precisely locate quantum bits; a crucial step for large-scale silicon quantum computers finds a University of Melbourne-led study.

  4. 10 March 2020 - Science Matters

    Magnetic teeth revealed using quantum imaging

    Tougher than stainless steel, magnetite is a biomineral in mollusc teeth; now imaged using quantum technology by scientists including University of Melbourne.

  5. Podcast7 August 2019 - Eavesdrop on Experts

    The frontiers of physics: From planets to photons

    University of Melbourne physicist Professor David Jamieson takes us on a journey of his research; from Galileo’s historic discoveries to quantum computing.

  6. 17 October 2018 - Science Matters

    Lifting the lid on quantum computing

    University of Melbourne software for learning quantum computer programming means students can see inside a quantum computer and start using the 'weird' physics.

  7. 3 October 2018 - Science Matters

    So, you want to work in Quantum computing?

    As the University of Melbourne joins the IBM Quantum Network, researchers, businesses and universities are already getting themselves quantum ready.

  8. 3 October 2018 - Science Matters

    Quantum 2.0: At the beating heart of biology

    As the University of Melbourne joins the IBM Quantum Network, advances in quantum mechanics could answer the question posed by Erwin Schrödinger: What is life?

  9. Podcast3 October 2018 - Science Matters

    The Quantum sensing revolution

    As the University of Melbourne joins the IBM Quantum Network, we explore what quantum sensors can tell us about the level below the atom and the new questions

  10. 3 October 2018 - Science Matters

    A brief history of Quantum

    As the University of Melbourne joins the IBM Q Network, we look back at the biggest minds of the 20th century that have contributed to the quantum revolution.