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  1. 20 May 2018 - Humanities

    20 years after Soeharto: Is Indonesia’s ‘era reformasi’ over?

    Indonesia's President Soeharto’s 32-year rule ended 20 years ago, but a University of Melbourne expert says recent changes raise questions about the future.

  2. 13 February 2018 - Inside Business

    Henderson’s legacy: Revisiting universal basic income

    Many view a Universal Basic Income as controversial, but a University of Melbourne expert and former Deputy PM argues the idea is now more relevant than ever.

  3. Podcast19 July 2017 - The Policy Shop

    Corruption and Australia’s Parliament

    This episode of the University of Melbourne's Policy Shop podcast examines the issue of corruption in Australian politics, and whether a new watchdog is needed.

  4. 13 July 2016 - Public Affairs

    When it comes to tax, Australians want a fair go

    Reforming our tax system is an issue of social equality, inclusion and fairness.

  5. 4 April 2016 - Legal Affairs

    Disability-based disadvantage – a life sentence?

    A new research project is focusing on how support systems can be improved to prevent disability-based discrimination in the criminal justice system.

  6. 30 October 2015 - Inside Business

    New Outlook

    Prof Jensen: Why it is important for Australia’s policymakers and leading academics to discuss the future of the nation’s economic and social agendas together

  7. 23 September 2015 - Public Affairs

    Five ways to make state taxes fair and more efficient

    Five reforms could make all the difference in simplifying the tax we pay and putting us on a path to prosperity.

  8. 31 August 2015 - Public Affairs

    Improving education through federalism reform

    Outcomes are improved when the states and territories have more authority over their own schools.