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  1. 27 March 2018 - Legal Affairs

    Banning cricket cheats: How long is long enough?

    Cricket Australia is treating the latest ball tampering scandal as a serious breach of integrity, says a University of Melbourne expert.

  2. 15 March 2018 - Engineering & Technology

    Using virtual reality to treat real-world injuries

    The CAREN system, a biomechanical technology that uses virtual reality, is helping University of Melbourne researchers to treat, and even prevent, injuries.

  3. 9 February 2018 - Humanities

    Will the Winter Olympics ease tensions on the Korean peninsula?

    North Korea's participation in the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang offers a glimmer of hope for peace, argue University of Melbourne experts.

  4. 16 October 2017 - Health & Wellbeing

    Knee deep in footy injuries

    Sports medicine has made huge advances into treating knee injuries; University of Melbourne experts discuss the prevention of injuries, especially in AFL.

  5. 27 April 2017 - Politics & Society

    In a league of their own

    University of Melbourne students and alumni are at the centre of the massively successful AFL Women's (AFLW) league, launched in early 2017.

  6. 9 December 2016 - Health & Wellbeing

    Taking the guesswork out of concussion

    A simple blood test or scan could give a definitive all-clear for concussed players to return to the field without risking permanent injury from another hit.

  7. 24 August 2016 - Science Matters

    Yes, Aussie swimmers ‘choked’ in Rio

    Many Australians felt disappointed by the swimming team's performance at the Rio Olympics, but is the criticism just? Or were expectations too high?

  8. 5 November 2015 - Legal Affairs

    A corrupt contest - how sport is fighting the fixers

    As corruption becomes increasingly commonplace in sport, how much can fans trust what they see from the grandstand or on TV?

  9. 27 August 2015 - Animals, Food & You

    Close to the bone: The case for remodelling racehorse training

    Racehorse training regimens are not giving horses' bones enough rest time, leading to poor performance and greater risk of deadly injuries.