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  1. 13 August 2018 - Learning & Teaching

    Financial anxiety widespread among university students

    Many students are struggling financially, according to a new Universities Australia survey conducted by University of Melbourne researchers.

  2. 28 March 2018 - Engineering & Technology

    Breaking next-gen scientists out of the lab

    The next generation of scientists needs to collaborate and innovate, so educators will need to adjust says the University of Melbourne's Robin Batterham

  3. 21 February 2018 - Learning & Teaching

    Can you really Google your way through a medical degree?

    University of Melbourne research with first year medical students has found a significant number use Google and Wikipedia more often than university resources.

  4. 17 October 2017 - Learning & Teaching

    Tips and tricks to boost your Year 12 scores

    Educational neuroscientist Dr Jared Horvath from the University of Melbourne shares his Year 12 study tips for students and parents.

  5. 10 December 2016 - Humanities

    The medical student who helped change Australia

    Melbourne graduate Ismail bin Abdul Rahman forged a path for overseas students in Australia – and sparked a debate that helped end the White Australia Policy.

  6. 5 July 2016 - Engineering & Technology

    Skydiving for science

    A group of scientists have skydived to show that low gravity affects crystal growth in nanoparticles, telling us more about designing new materials.

  7. 14 June 2016 - Engineering & Technology

    Countdown to spaceshot

    University of Melbourne engineering, law, education and business students are focusing on launching an innovative satellite network.

  8. Podcast5 January 2016 - Up Close

    Spying on the classroom for better student outcomes

    The University of Melbourne's Professor David Clarke on new insights into student learning in maths and science, gained via extensive observations in schools.

  9. 9 October 2015 - Science Matters

    Veggie gardens are so hot right now

    As inner-city community vegetable gardens boom, University of Melbourne students are learning by doing, and eating the fruits - and vegetables - of their labour

  10. 21 August 2015 - Public Affairs

    First recipient of new Master’s degree

    Meet the First Graduate of the Melbourne School of Government’s Master of Public Administration.