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  1. 18 April 2023 - Health & Wellbeing

    Good sleep is key to pre-teen mental health

    Improving sleep is one way to help support a young adolescent’s mental health and wellbeing – with long-lasting benefits, finds University of Melbourne research

  2. Podcast11 December 2019 - Eavesdrop on Experts

    What will it be like for teenagers of the future?

    Through her research and a new novel, a University of Melbourne psychologist is exploring how teenagers respond to technology and social media in their lives.

  3. 19 February 2019 - Under the Microscope

    Re-thinking our definition of adolescence

    A University of Melbourne expert says that the age of adolescence has evolved and we need to improve our understanding of the modern problems of teenagers.

  4. 13 February 2019 - Under the Microscope

    The importance of your child’s middle years

    Far from being a quiet time, a child’s middle years - from 8 to 12 – are transformative. But a University of Melbourne expert says we need better understanding.

  5. 5 December 2017 - Health & Wellbeing

    More sleep, less bad behaviour

    New research, involving the University of Melbourne, finds adequate sleep may minimise the impact of many childhood behavioural problems.

  6. 27 September 2017 - Inside Business

    Teenage daughters as a risk of divorce

    University of Melbourne research finds parents of teenage daughters have a higher risk of divorce - but the risk disappears if the fathers grew up with a sister

  7. 20 April 2016 - Public Affairs

    Policy-making (mis)using the brain

    Neuroscience has been used as justification for particular policy initiatives. But in some cases the science was misused.

  8. 29 January 2016 - Health & Wellbeing

    Smile like you mean it

    Orthodontic treatment is no longer for those awkward teen years as more and more adults choose to improve their oral health, say University of Melbourne experts

  9. 30 October 2015 - Inside Business

    8 tips for preparing financially savvy teenagers

    Eight expert tips to prepare your teenager for financial independence, from understanding compound interest to always reading the fine print.