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  1. 20 November 2023 - Public Affairs

    The impasse between Israel and Hamas

    It’s hard to see a way out of the conflict between Israel and Hamas that has seen thousands of civilians lose their lives, says University of Melbourne expert.

  2. 10 October 2023 - Public Affairs

    Q&A: Israel, Hamas and the future of the Middle east

    Hamas’ surprise attack on Israel marks a dramatic escalation in the longstanding Israeli-Palestinian conflict says a University of Melbourne expert.

  3. 19 January 2020 - Public Affairs

    Mike Baird: The value of authenticity

    Former New South Wales Premier Mike Baird says political leaders need a broad vision which gets people off the couch and cabinet ministers out of their chairs.

  4. 21 August 2019 - Humanities

    How the toxic went mainstream

    By use of social media, including memes, ideologies of hate are gaining currency. A University of Melbourne expert examines how hate speech became the everyday

  5. 20 November 2018 - Health & Wellbeing

    Q&A: Talking to kids about the bad things that happen

    As Victoria remembers Sisto Malaspina – killed in the Melbourne terror attack– a University of Melbourne expert looks at how to talk to kids about terrorism.

  6. 2 July 2017 - Engineering & Technology

    What kind of rear window into encryption do the Five Eyes want?

    As the government plans to force tech firms to decrypt messages to help "thwart" terrorism, University of Melbourne experts say it could make us more vulnerable

  7. 14 June 2017 - Humanities

    The reality of terrorism: Old and new

    Following the terror attacks in London and Manchester, a University of Melbourne expert looks at how terrorism has changed, and if it's changed that much.

  8. 5 June 2017 - Public Affairs

    The British election: After the terror

    UK voters go to the polls after two terrorist attacks, in Manchester and London. University of Melbourne experts look at the impact on the democratic process.

  9. 9 September 2016 - Public Affairs

    Trump, Clinton and the politics of 9/11

    Donald Trump exploits the fact he was in New York when the Twin Towers, fell while Hillary Clinton is a foreign policy hawk says University of Melbourne expert

  10. 15 July 2016 - Public Affairs

    Why France?

    The deadly Nice attack shows there is a simmering discontent in the country that makes France a fertile ground for terrorism.