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  1. 26 June 2023 - Legal Affairs

    Why Prigozhin’s march on Moscow was not a coup

    The Wagner group ‘mutiny’ grew out of an intra-elite feud in Russia – and it's a growing problem for Vladimir Putin, says University of Melbourne expert.

  2. 15 June 2022 - Legal Affairs

    Why the war in Ukraine is so hard to stop

    The real cause of Russia’s invasion is the special position that Ukraine occupies in post-imperial Russian politics, says University of Melbourne expert

  3. 11 April 2022 - Humanities

    A warning as history grimly echoes in Ukraine

    Atrocities in Bucha and elsewhere in Ukraine recall the horrific memories of the Katyn massacre in 1940 and Soviet denials says University of Melbourne expert

  4. 25 March 2022 - Humanities

    The past is never in the past

    Contrary to Putin’s propaganda, Ukraine’s history is long and echoes amid the war now raging following the Russian invasion, says University of Melbourne expert

  5. 15 February 2022 - Humanities

    Why Russia isn’t about to invade Ukraine soon

    Russia is unlikely to soon invade Ukraine as it’s already succeeding in stoking instability and making the US take notice, says University of Melbourne expert

  6. 16 May 2016 - Humanities

    Eurovision skyrockets into orbit with Timberlake

    Eurovision's knack for capturing the zeitgeist is paying off amid Swedish savviness and now raw US star power, says University of Melbourne experts

  7. 18 October 2015 - Legal Affairs

    A long road until justice served

    Bringing before a court those responsible for shooting down Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 over Ukraine, killing 298 people, will be long and complicated.