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  1. 23 November 2017 - Education

    The creative disruption of higher ed

    University of Melbourne Vice Chancellor Glyn Davis looks at the impact of digital technology on education in his new book The Australian Idea of a University.

  2. 21 November 2017 - Learning & Teaching

    The education war on attrition

    University of Melbourne experts call for national debate on tackling university drop out rate and who should be carrying the cost of student attrition

  3. 17 October 2017 - Inside Business

    Bringing uni research to market

    Research commercialisation is core to universities, but broadening goals beyond just revenue generation could lift success says a University of Melbourne expert

  4. Podcast12 May 2017 - The Policy Shop

    The battle for academic freedom in Europe

    The University of Melbourne's Policy Shop podcast examines the Central European University's campaign against new Hungarian laws threatening academic freedom.

  5. 4 April 2017 - Public Affairs

    Are universities part of the populism problem?

    Universities are key drivers of educated debate, so with democracy in crisis amid rising populism and inequality, what have they been doing and where do they ne

  6. 23 November 2016 - Learning & Teaching

    Making universities worth it

    If higher education is to be properly valued in society institutions must be more transparent on what they do and how they perform.

  7. 15 November 2016 - Learning & Teaching

    Reigniting higher education admissions reform

    As the school year draws to an end, so the debate around reforming the admissions process to universities needs to be reignited.

  8. 30 May 2016 - Learning & Teaching

    Knowing the value, but not the cost

    Australia's ongoing debate over how to sustainably fund higher education has focused on who should pay and how much without anyone knowing the cost of a degree.

  9. 2 March 2016 - Learning & Teaching

    Finding a way through the policy maze

    Australia’s teacher training is in the spotlight amid worries that market driven policy settings aren’t delivering uniform high quality.

  10. Podcast2 March 2016 - The Policy Shop

    Teaching the teachers

    How can Australia's teaching profession be best developed is the central question of this podcast, hosted by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne.