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  1. 5 March 2024 - Health & Wellbeing

    People with experience of mental health conditions should be paid to help others

    People with lived experience of mental health conditions should be employed to help turbocharge system-wide reform says University of Melbourne expert.

  2. 24 November 2023 - Health & Wellbeing

    Our duty of care to those who care

    To ensure the wellbeing of cancer healthcare workers, with upcoming workforce shortages, comprehensive support is essential say University of Melbourne experts

  3. 30 August 2023 - Health & Medicine

    Knowing when to seek help for mental health

    When challenges arise we may feel confused, but there are five signs to help understand when to seek mental health support, say University of Melbourne experts.

  4. 17 July 2023 - Learning & Teaching

    Boosting student wellbeing through their environment

    New University of Melbourne research calls for co-creating the built and natural environments of universities to support university student wellbeing.

  5. 9 June 2023 - Humanities

    The arts can help us recover from disasters - creatively

    ‘Creative recovery’ arts projects improve wellbeing, but better planning is needed to support artists and communities, says University of Melbourne expert

  6. 1 June 2023 - Health & Wellbeing

    Understanding how to improve body image in queer men

    Expressing self-compassion can improve body image in women, but it’s more complicated for gay, bisexual and queer men, says University of Melbourne research

  7. 15 May 2023 - Health & Wellbeing

    Taking the stigma out of mental health reporting

    University of Melbourne research finds Australia's world-leading media-based mental health and suicide stigma reduction programs work, but vigilance is needed

  8. 21 March 2023 - Health & Medicine

    The climate change threat to our mental health

    It’s time to address the mental health impacts of climate change – as more people face more extreme weather events, say University of Melbourne experts.

  9. 30 June 2022 - Music, Arts & Screen

    The art and science of dance

    University of Melbourne's Professor Emma Redding wrote the world’s first masters degree in Dance Science – a now growing discipline in the dance profession

  10. 25 May 2022 - Health & Wellbeing

    Taking on blood cancer - actively

    Having blood cancer can be overwhelming, but professionally-guided exercise even when unwell is safe and can boost recovery, says University of Melbourne expert