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  1. Podcast5 September 2017 - The Policy Shop

    Rise of the robots

    The University of Melbourne's Policy Shop podcast explores automation's impact on how we work, and how it might help humanity thrive.

  2. 24 April 2017 - Inside Business

    A new approach to disability in the workplace

    While people with disabilities can still face discrimination when job-seeking, University of Melbourne experts say some employers value a diverse workforce.

  3. Podcast10 February 2017 - Up Close

    Taking positive psychology to a group level

    Research psychologist Lindsay Oades explains how positive psychology is moving to a systems level to promote more skillful interaction within organisations.

  4. 15 April 2016 - Inside Business

    Will a robot take your job?

    Robots are replacing workers from the kitchen to the “Dark Factory”, but there are other factors which will keep humans in a workplace of the future.

  5. 7 March 2016 - Humanities

    Flexible families = workplace equality

    Here are five key ideas that could have a positive effect on equalising gender relations and improving the status of families.

  6. Podcast3 February 2016 - Up Close

    The boss’ gaze: Workplace surveillance and what it means

    Management expert Graham Sewell from the University of Melbourne on the evolution of workplace surveillance, its usefulness and its unsettling effects.

  7. 18 January 2016 - Inside Business

    Delivering results for today's corporations

    Results-based performance systems have been controversial, with companies like Best Buy moving away from them. But, implemented correctly, they can still work.