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Under the Microscope

University of Melbourne academics and researchers have experienced much on some amazing journeys – and share them here.

  1. 13 August 2019 – Bioscience, STEM, Women In Science, Workplace Diversity

    Becoming a STEM-inist

    When University of Melbourne's Amy Shepherd started in science, she didn’t dream she'd soon be travelling the world rubbing shoulders with Nobel Prize winners.

  2. 16 July 2019 – Avian Influenza, Birds, Flu, Immunology and Infection, Viruses

    Viruses on the wing

    The University of Melbourne's Dr Michelle Wille studies wild ducks and shorebirds to understand how they spread viruses across the globe, including influenza.

  3. 5 April 2019 – Art, Bones, Development, Horseracing, Veterinary Sciences

    Seeing the beauty in animal bone research

    Dr Babatunde Ayodele is part of a team researching the bones of racehorses. Now, his research has inspired the façade of a new University of Melbourne building.

  4. 8 March 2019 – Economics, Health, Healthcare, International Women's Day, Medicine

    The economics of good health

    Health economists face the challenge of convincing clinicians and patients that they’re about more than just cutting costs says a University of Melbourne expert

  5. 26 February 2019 – Ageing, Healthcare, Osteoporosis, Policy, Public Health

    Empowering everyone to improve their own health

    A University of Melbourne expert designs and evaluates behaviour change interventions. Now he's in Australia, aiming to improve the population's health here.

  6. 19 February 2019 – Adolescent, Adolescent Health, Paediactrics, Puberty, Teenagers

    Re-thinking our definition of adolescence

    A University of Melbourne expert says that the age of adolescence has evolved and we need to improve our understanding of the modern problems of teenagers.

  7. 13 February 2019 – Child Development, Child Psychology, Child Wellbeing, Puberty, Teenagers

    The importance of your child’s middle years

    Far from being a quiet time, a child’s middle years - from 8 to 12 – are transformative. But a University of Melbourne expert says we need better understanding.

  8. 7 February 2019 – Cars, Driverless cars, Engineering, Technology, Transport Technology

    Tackling human error to stop vehicle accidents

    Improving safety is the big driver of transport innovation and the technology focus is now on saving drivers from themselves says University of Melbourne expert

  9. 3 February 2019 – Cancer, Medical Specialists, Nursing, Oncology, Research

    Pioneering nurse-led cancer care

    The University of Melbourne's Professor Mei Krishnasamy has worked to improve the evidence for cancer nursing care, particularly for people with rarer cancers.