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Experts and researchers in conversation -- in science, health, technology, law, the arts, and business.

  1. Listen24 February 2017 – Human rights, Migration, Public Policy, Refugees

    The Power of a Warm Welcome

    Refugee researcher Uma Kothari on how media representations of asylum seekers influence how we attend and respond to the plight of people fleeing for safety.

  2. Listen10 February 2017 – Education, Positive Psychology, Psychology, Wellbeing, Workplace Change

    Taking Positive Psychology to a Group Level

    Research psychologist Lindsay Oades explains how positive psychology is being taken to a systems level to promote more skillful interaction within organisations

  3. 27 January 2017 – Agriculture, Climate change, Environment

    Global warming’s companion crisis

    Environmental physicist Mark Sutton on how our fast growing 'nitrogen footprint' from agriculture and industry is reaching crisis levels, threatening our health

  1. 13 January 2017 – Biology, Biomedicine, Epidemics, Viruses

    Outbreak! Managing human pandemics

    Virologist Eddie Holmes on how better biosecurity and surveillance give us a chance of containing still inevitable viral and bacterial pandemics.

  2. 30 December 2016 – Bioscience, Chemical engineering, Cities, Environment

    How are birds faring In our cities?

    We chat with two PhD researchers on their work on the impact of city lights on birds, and learning from our digestive systems to build better detergents.

  3. 16 December 2016 – Criminology, Human rights, Law, State crime

    Investigating state crime

    Criminologist Penny Green on what it means when nation-states shift from protector from crime to perpetrator.

  4. 25 November 2016 – Agriculture, Food Security, Veterinary Sciences

    Global food security under threat from crop and livestock diseases

    Infectious diseases expert Prof John Fazakerley on getting to grips with threats to global food security.

  5. 18 November 2016 – Cities, Public health, Transport, Urban Design, Urban Planning

    Designing cities with health in mind

    Public health specialist Prof Mark Stevenson on the need to prioritise physical well-being in our urban planning.

  6. 4 November 2016 – Healthcare, Physiotherapy, Strokes

    Stroke recovery: The state of the science

    Stroke recovery guru Prof. Julie Bernhardt on the latest research into factors that maximise chances of overcoming the physical and mental aftermath of stroke.

  7. 21 October 2016 – Ageing, Economics, Law, Social Policy, Work

    Ageing workers: Old and in the way?

    Legal scholar Mia Rönnmar joins host Lynne Haultain for an international perspective on the place and plight of older workers in the workplace.