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Experts and researchers in conversation -- in science, health, technology, law, the arts, and business.

  1. 4 November 2016 – Healthcare, Physiotherapy, Strokes

    Stroke recovery: The state of the science

    Stroke recovery guru Prof. Julie Bernhardt on the latest research into factors that maximise chances of overcoming the physical and mental aftermath of stroke.

  2. 21 October 2016 – Ageing, Economics, Law, Social Policy, Work

    Ageing workers: Old and in the way?

    Legal scholar Mia Rönnmar joins host Lynne Haultain for an international perspective on the place and plight of older workers in the workplace.

  3. 7 October 2016 – Psychology, Sciences

    Sifting pseudoscience from the real thing

    Psychology researcher Scott Lilienfeld explores the popular science myths that too often make fools of us.

  4. 23 September 2016 – Ideology, Philosophy, Racism, Sexism

    Challenging harmful ideologies in belief and practice

    Philosopher Sally Haslanger on finding ways to combat harmful ideologies like racism and sexism that endure in human societies.

  5. 9 September 2016 – International law, Islamism, United States, Warfare

    Twisting the law on the way to the battlefield

    How governments contort global and domestic laws to wage war on non-state Islamist forces, and how those forces invoke Islamic law to justify their actions.

  6. 25 August 2016 – Disasters, Earth Sciences, Earthquake

    Earthquakes: The lessons learned

    Earthquake researcher Associate Professor Mark Quigley on the lessons learned from recent major earthquakes and how to better prepare regions at risk.

  7. 12 August 2016 – Behaviour, Philosophy, Psychiatry

    Reclaiming passion as a driver of human behaviour

    Philosopher of the emotions Prof Louis Charland argues that we need to reinstate the notion of "passion" in our understanding of human behaviour.

  8. 29 July 2016 – Mental Health, Psychiatry, Psychology

    Why isn’t treatment for depression leading to lower prevalence?

    Prof Tony Jorm asks why prevalence of anxiety and depression in North America, Australia and elsewhere hasn't decreased despite increased treatment.

  9. 15 July 2016 – Economics, Human rights, Poverty

    Freedom from extreme poverty as a human right

    Philip Alston argues that the conversation around human rights has yet to take seriously how the world’s very poor are excluded from a life of dignity.

  10. 1 July 2016 – Sciences, human origins, paleoanthropology

    Untangling our evolutionary history

    Paleoanthropologist Bernard Wood on how continuing research into human evolutionary history produces insights but also reveals how much we've yet to learn.