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Why Australia needs a business plan

‘We lack vision, is anybody talking about what Australia should be like by 2030?’

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Why does Australia, a country that has experienced 25 years without an economic blip, continue to drop in the innovation rankings? Why does Australia sit at the bottom of the league table when it comes to university and industry collaboration? Does an innovation conversation mean anything to those small companies that make up the backbone of Australia’s economy?

These are just some of the questions examined in the latest episode of The Policy Shop podcast, which features Australia’s former Chief Scientist Professor Ian Chubb, industry leader and member of multiple boards, Dr Katherine Woodthorpe, Chairman, Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre and member of multiple boards, and Professor Danny Samson, from the University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Business and Economics.

Hosted by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne, Professor Glyn Davis, The Policy Shop is a monthly podcast about public policy and the way it affects Australia and the world. Subscribe on iTunes.

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