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2016 Federal Election

  1. 5 June 2016 - Public Affairs

    Social media politics: for and against

    Social media has brought unprecedented access and power to ordinary citizens but is it improving the political discourse – or making it worse?

  2. 24 May 2016 - Public Affairs

    Looking beyond elections for good policy

    Frustrations over short term policy making is easily blamed on election cycles, but rather than being part of the problem democracy may be part of the solution.

  3. 20 May 2016 - Public Affairs

    Why ‘illiterate’ jibe is an election dog whistle

    Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s comments about "illiterate" and "innumerate" refugees are an attempt to win voters, a tactic used successfully before.

  4. 13 May 2016 - Public Affairs

    Election Watch: Australia 2016

    Election Watch, a University of Melbourne website, that will

  5. 15 April 2016 - Go Figure

    Forcing your hand: Why we are made to vote

    The real secret to how and why Australia adopted compulsory voting was simplicity. In 1924, after years of debate, simply no-one was opposed to the idea.

  6. 1 April 2016 - Inside Business

    Tough love: cutting Australia’s states free

    Fixing Australia's Federation is about more than any tinkering with income tax, it needs a hard cap on Commonwealth handouts and policy freedom for the States.

  7. Podcast31 March 2016 - The Policy Shop

    Governing the ungovernable?

    Australia's housing market is the focus as Professor Glyn Davis is joined by Dr Judy Yates and Professor John Freebairn in the Policy Shop podcast

  8. 22 March 2016 - Public Affairs

    The PM has painted a very clear picture

    Australian Prime Minister Mr Turnbull has put the onus for a July election squarely on the Senate crossbenchers by threatening a double dissolution election.