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Investigating state crime

When does a nation go from protector to perpetrator?

Criminologist Penny Green explains how states, entrusted to define crimes and enforce the laws that deter them, can themselves be complicit in the worst social harms. Professor Green is director of the International State Crime Initiative, which seeks to understand how states can become perpetrators rather than protectors, and how civil society groups can be enlisted to fight back.

Presented by Lynne Haultain.

Full transcript and more information available here.


Professor Penny Green is Founder and Director of the award-winning International State Crime Initiative which collates, analyses, and disseminates research-based knowledge about criminal state practices and resistance to them. She is co-editor in Chief of the international journal State Crime and Editor of the Pluto Press State Crime monograph series.

Professor Green has a doctorate in Criminology from Cambridge University and has held several posts at esteemed universities across the UK. She has published extensively on state crime theory, resistance to state violence, transnational crime, Turkish criminal justice and politics, mass forced evictions/displacement, and ‘natural’ disasters. She has a long track record of researching in hostile environments and has conducted fieldwork in places such as Palestine/Israel, Tunisia and Myanmar.

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