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2016 US Presidential Election

  1. 7 September 2018 - Public Affairs

    Turmoil in Trump land

    President Trump may be scandal-ridden and held in contempt in his administration, but a University of Melbourne experts says his base may like him all the more

  2. 21 March 2017 - Public Affairs

    The creeping influence of lobbyists in Washington

    Draining the 'Washington swamp' of lobbyists was one of Donald Trump's core campaign pledges but since taking office he has increased their access and influence

  3. 21 January 2017 - Public Affairs

    President Trump: 10 reasons not to be afraid

    President Trump will not have a completely clear run to do what he wants in Government – there are plenty of checks and balances to keep a rein on him.

  4. 16 January 2017 - Public Affairs

    Citizen Obama: The future of the past President

    Barack Obama is leaving the White House, but it's unlikely we've seen the last of him. What will he do next to preserve and build on his presidential legacy?

  5. 11 January 2017 - Public Affairs

    Trump + Twitter: Unfettered honesty or unchecked vitriol?

    Donald Trump uses Twitter avidly to set policy, but also attack his opponents. Whether he’ll be reined in when he moves into the White House is anyone's guess.

  6. 1 December 2016 - Public Affairs

    Liberal Democracy: Why we may be losing it

    Liberal democracy may not be a strong as we think it is with research suggesting that falling public support for democracy can be a harbinger of losing it.

  7. 18 November 2016 - Inside Business

    President Trump: What it means for the world’s economies

    Donald Trump's economic policies could have huge impact on the world – but exactly what that impact will be remains unclear.

  8. 10 November 2016 - Public Affairs

    How the unfit triumphed over the uninspiring

    Hillary Clinton lost because she didn’t portend any real change. And she failed to energise the people who had grown weary of her progressive platitudes.

  9. 9 November 2016 - Public Affairs

    New world order: Trump’s foreign policy

    President-elect Donald Trump has indicated just about everything on US foreign policy is open to re-negotiation or a change of mind, from Syria to the TPP.

  10. 7 November 2016 - Public Affairs

    Rage against corruption

    People are aware of corruption as a global problem like never before, sparking protests and bringing down governments, but what's needed is systemic change.